Money Mart: Wireless Failover

Money Mart: Wireless Failover

Money Mart Financial Services, formerly Dollar Financial Group, is a financial services company with over 700 locations. The company offers a range of financial services, including installment loan, cash advance/payday loan, check cashing, prepaid card, and money transfer services.

Read on to find out how helped to deliver wireless failover solution for Money Mart, or download your full copy now.

Reliable wireless backup infrastructure for financial retail locations.

Sierra Wireless AirLink® 4G LTE gateways provide consistent connectivity and accessibility during backup roll-over, ensuring that no revenue is lost from dropped transactions.

  • Uninterrupted, reliable wireless cellular connectivity for heavy transaction load
  • Easy configuration and deployment
  • Highest data transfer speeds available
  • Comprehensive remote management to ensure system uptime
  • Supports customer’s quick time-to-market requirements

“We did a lot of due diligence, and I’m glad we made the choice to move our infrastructure to Sierra Wireless. I’m quite happy, we’ve never had problems with them. If the cellular network is up, then they are online. I don’t see us using any other hardware.”

– Pete Wilson, Money Mart’s Telecom & Network Administrator

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Find out how helped to deliver a reliable wireless failover solution for Money Mart.