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Partner support and services are at the heart of what we do. We work to understand your business and RealWear opportunities, so that we can tailor our range of technical, sales and logistics value-add options to you.

We also have 30+ years of distributed enterprise and remote worker experience to share. Combined, this means Westbase XR can realise your RealWear ambitions.

RealWear Navigator aR Solutions

RealWear is the world’s leading provider of assisted reality (aR) wearable solutions that engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline industrial worker. Enabling teams to perform work tasks more safely, and with increased efficiency and precision, RealWear gives workers real-time access to information and expertise while keeping their hands and field of view free for work. Field proven with world-class customers, RealWear users improve workplace safety while delivering unprecedented ROI through applications such as remote expert, document navigation, IIoT visualisation and digital workflow.

With multiple hardware options including the Navigator 500 Series and HMT-1Z1, plus 200+ application partners, organisations can select a solution to suit their exact requirements. Supported by Foresight Cloud Services, RealWear’s aR solutions are also simple to roll-out and manage. Regardless of where devices have been distributed across the organisation, upgrades can be deployed remotely to ensure performance and security can always be maintained.

Westbase XR RealWear Partner Services

As the leading RealWear UK and European distributor, Westbase XR includes the full RealWear Navigator, HMT and accessories range in our portfolio as well as offering a selection of dedicated RealWear partner services including staging, training and managed field trials (follow the links for more information).

If you are interested in becoming a Westbase XR partner, then please speak to our team today by submitting a query online, calling +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or emailing

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RealWear Partner Resources

RealWear Partner Sales Guide

Download a copy of our new RealWear Partner Sales Guide, providing you with a “cheat sheet” for what you need to know. It covers everything from introducing you to aR to what questions to ask your customers.

RealWear Partner Tech Guide

Download a copy of our new RealWear Partner Technical Guide, providing you with a “cheat sheet” for everything you need to know. It covers everything from introducing your customer’s technical ambitions, to understanding technical requirements by industry.

Introducing RealWear Cloud

Providing a multi-propose software for IT and business operations, RealWear Cloud provides a new dashboard enabling remote teams to securely control RealWear devices. Check out our explainer article.

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