Poynting UK & European Distributor

Poynting UK & European Distributor

Poynting is a global provider of cutting-edge antenna solutions for LTE, 5G and WiFi. In addition to their core portfolio of enterprise and industrial antennas, covering everything from fixed sites to IoT, Poynting are fast becoming the de facto choice for marine antennas. This specialised range incorporates performance, quality, styling and weather protection, delivering a critical combination ideal for marine and coastal.

As a leading Poynting distributor, Westbase.io offers their full range of antenna hardware solutions.

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Poynting’s commitment to innovation and effective problem-solving results in highly durable and technically superior antenna solutions. Poynting offers a diverse range of antennas suitable for various applications, with a notable reputation in the marine antenna sector. By working with Westbase.io and utilising Poynting’s WaveHunter and Ripple antennas, our partners can deliver an all-in-one connectivity solution purpose-built for fishing boats, ferries, and other service boats. Housing an LTE/5G router within the antenna, the integrated solution is reliable and secure, yet simple to deploy and manage.

As the leading Poynting UK and European distributor, Westbase.io represent both their marine and wider antenna range, complemented with our own partner support and services. Designed to be flexible and dedicated to channel, our service catalogue includes options through from Poynting product, install and manage, to maintenance, resource and disposal. We work as a true extension of your team to make your Poynting deployments successful.

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Browse our partner toolkit to see what support and services could help accelerate your Poynting opportunities. Choose what you need, leave what you don’t. We work as a true extension of your team.

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