Networking Solutions for Industry

Networking Solutions for Industry

Leading 4G/5G and IoT solutions, supporting a range of industries.

4G/5G for Construction

Getting connected from day one of a new construction project is critical. Our 4G/5G for construction solutions provide instant, reliable and secure connectivity.

4G/5G for Retail, Banking & Branch

4G/5G for retail, banking and branch provides an answer. Ideal for multiple applications,’s 4G/5G solutions have helped to connect many 1000s of locations and assets.

4G/5G for Utilities, Energy and Facilities

Our 4G/5G for utilities, energy and facilities management solutions deliver the flexible, secure and reliable connectivity that businesses need to be able to support their new, broader services and teams.

4G/5G for Police Services

A 4G/5G in-vehicle networking solution can help by giving your Officers access to the information they need when they need it regardless of their location.

4G/5G for Fire and Rescue Services

An in-vehicle networking solution from can deliver the benefits of 4G/5G for fire and rescue services, by providing a stable, reliable connectivity solution.

4G/5G for Ambulance Services

With waiting times at an all time high, an in-vehicle networking solution from can leverage the benefits of 4G/5G for ambulance services, enabling them to respond more quickly and effectively.

4G/5G for Healthcare provides primary and failover 4G/5G healthcare solutions that make it easier to introduce these new approaches and tech. Avoiding the costs and disruption associated with running additional wires for fixed line connectivity

4G/5G Security Solutions

Proven in the toughest environments and the most remote locations, our enterprise-grade solutions scale easily, allowing the flexibility required to connect security applications any time, any location.

4G/5G for Transportation

We’ve connected 1000s of vehicles across Europe, helping organisations to get better connected on the road, so their teams can focus on what they do best.

4G/5G for Marine

4G/5G for marine provides an answer, by delivering a secure and flexible network solution which adapts as your ship moves – changing networks seamlessly.

4G/5G for Public Sector

4G/5G connectivity can help to achieve diverse Public Sector requirements by improving flexible working, enabling collaboration, and opening up new business models to save on costs.

Not all connections are created equal

To create a quality connection, think like an architect, not a builder. To understand not just the connections, but the reason they exist.

To zoom out before plugging in. At, this is what we do.