Vuzix UK & European Distributor

Vuzix UK & European Distributor

Partner support and services are at the heart of what we do. Westbase XR work to understand your business and Vuzix opportunities, so that we can tailor our range of technical, sales and logistics value-add options to you.

We also have 30+ years of distributed enterprise and remote worker experience to share. Combined, this means Westbase XR can realise your Vuzix ambitions.

Vuzix Augmented Reality Solutions

Vuzix connects the modern deskless workforce with Assisted and Augmented Reality (aR and AR) wearable technology, providing high-performance smart glasses that enable see-what-I-see remote guidance, teleconferencing, IoT visualisation, and digital work instructions among other applications. Whether you’re out in the field, in the warehouse or on the operating room floor, Vuzix can make your team more effective with heads-up, hands-free wearable computing solutions.

With a range of comfortable form factors ruggedised for harsh workplaces, Vuzix smart glasses provide a user-centric, ergonomic design built for minimal weight and all-day wear. Certified for medical, clean room and other demanding environments, as well as offering highly compatible mounting options, Vuzix products are ideal for a range of industries and applications.

Westbase XR Partner Services

As the leading Vuzix UK and European distributor, Westbase XR includes the full M-Series, Blade and accessories range in our portfolio as well as offering a selection of XR partner services including staging, training and managed field trials.

If you are interested in becoming a Westbase XR partner, then please speak to our team today by submitting a query online, calling +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or emailing

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