4G/5G for Fire & Rescue

4G/5G for Fire & Rescue

Whether it is accessing the latest building plans on the go, or live streaming footage from body worn cameras, connectivity can dramatically help to improve scene management by creating a real-time picture of what is happening on the ground. An in-vehicle solution from Westbase Networks can deliver the benefits of 4G/5G for fire and rescue services, by providing a stable, reliable connectivity solution that rolls into the scene, ready-to-go, with the fire engine or rescue vehicle.

Customer success

We’ve worked with over 40 emergency service teams across the UK and Europe to deliver in-vehicle networking – not to mention many other fleet and transportation customers. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service

Norfolk Fire and Rescue wanted to deploy an ESN-ready Mobile Data Terminal solution across its fleet of 66 vehicles, click below to see how we achieved this.

Westbase Networks 4G/5G for fire and rescue solutions support these use cases...

For real-time analysis and support of your fire engine fleet. Built in GPS/GNSS and OBD-II integration enables simplified data retrieval, while flexible API integration allows this information to be easily fed into your chosen systems, enabling central teams to monitor vehicle health and provide route assistance for fastest response.

To improve the safety of your firefighters and the citizens they serve. Westbase Networks 4G/5G for fire and rescue solutions enable retrieval of footage in real-time so that scene management and central teams can better assist firefighters who are actively working to resolve a situation.

Ensures that the right equipment is functional and available when it is needed. Using the 4G/5G in-vehicle solution, you can track when an item is removed and if it has been returned to ensure you always have the life saving equipment you need.

For all of your handheld devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Enable firefighters to get online easily in any location so they can access building plans and other critical scene information to provide the knowledge they need to best address the situation at hand. In non-critical situations, such as community education, the WiFi hotspot can also provide connectivity to help improve these communication effort.

In the field is also enabled by providing the reliable, secure connectivity they need – whether this be connecting personnel location equipment or enabling mobile apps which improve coordination between different emergency services.

The Emergency Services Network (ESN) will initially run alongside the existing TETRA network in the UK, and will leverage both commercial and dedicated 4G/5G networks to fulfil primary communication requirements. Westbase Networks in-vehicle solutions for fire and rescue services are ESN-ready, with many solutions already deployed in recent years being field upgradable also. These devices are either currently undergoing the approval process or have already been approved by the Home Office (please call for details).

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