Doodle: Quick to Deploy Remote Networking

Doodle: Quick to Deploy Remote Networking

Doddle is a revolutionary parcel service that’s been designed around the increasingly popular “click and collect” service. Set up in 2013, Doddle now has over 80 stores found all over the UK in train stations, shopping centres and business parks. Doddle’s success has led to partnership with several large retailers offering Doddle parcel services from within their stores and Doddle is increasingly being listed as a delivery option at online checkouts as well, including Amazon and ASOS. .

Read on to find out how helped provide Doddle with networking solution that was quick to deploy, small on space and big on reliability, or download your full copy now.

Many of Doddle’s sites have space restrictions, yet their existing hardware required a metre-high cabinet – costing valuable parcel storage space. When looking for a new solution therefore, Doddle made it a requirement that the hardware be much more compact. The company’s ambitious expansion plans also meant it was essential for Doddle to be able to roll out its network to new sites quickly and easily.

Doddle wanted a solution that would allow for every possible connection, anywhere and at any time. The existing fixed-line solution also ran the serious risk of service interruptions during busy periods, so Doddle also wanted the new solution to be more reliable with built-in failover. provided the Cradlepoint AER1600 and MiMo LTE puck antenna for:

  • Persistent and reliable connectivity
  • Advanced network security and privacy
  • Easy installation within limited spaces due to compact hardware size
  • Ability to remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot the network
  • Network redundancy for around-the-clock connectivity
  • Efficient delivery and distribution to enable easy and rapid deployment
  • Almost 50% savings in Doddle’s CapEx and technology OpEx due to changes made, including the switch to Cradlepoint
  • Doddle’s locations are now kept connected and protected with the Cradlepoint solution, preventing reputational damage and loss of revenue due to outages
  • Cloud management has enabled Doddle’s small IT team to easily manage, support and maintain its systems remotely
  • Increased parcel storage space as the new, compact Cradlepoint device requires just a fraction of the space compared to the former metre-high cabinet
  • Doddle’s ambitious roll-out plans can now happen quickly and efficiently, with new stores up and running within hours

“The cloud management capability is a big support to our team, allowing them to remotely provision hundreds of devices around the country, and isolate and address any issues without having to go into the field. If we have to validate and switch a connection from wired to mobile, it’s easily done.

Cradlepoint has also really helped us to reduce the amount of space we require for our hardware in new locations. Where previously we needed to accommodate a metre-high cabinet, now we’re able to open new locations with a device the size of a box of chocolates.”

– Gary O’Connor, CTO at Doddle.

Download the Full Case Study

Download the full case study now to find out how helped provide Doddle with networking solution that was quick to deploy, small on space and big on reliability.