Hertfordshire Constabulary: In-Vehicle Connectivity

Hertfordshire Constabulary: In-Vehicle Connectivity

Hertfordshire Police serve an area of 632 square miles, with a population of well over a million people and a wide range of demands on the force. To help the constabulary better serve their community the force wanted to create a connected vehicle network that would enable police officers to access real-time information at the point of need to enable faster and more informed decisions.

Read on to find out how Westbase.io helped to deliver reliable, fast and secure in-vehicle connectivity for Hertfordshire Constabulary, or download your full copy now.

Westbase.io is the most experienced provider of ESN-approved 4G/5G networking solutions, having connected 1000s of emergency service vehicles and teams over the past decade.

We bring together the technical expertise and implementation experience necessary to help emergency services adopt new ESN-ready technology. Working with a network of partners, and representing the leading manufacturers in this space, we deliver solutions which are proven where it matters.

We’ll explore all this, along with the possibilities of ESN, and your service objectives, in your workshop:

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Reliable, secure connectivity which could easily integrate with existing technology, provide a best-in-class WiFi hotspot, and be able to withstand the tough vehicular environment.

  • Ruggedised Cradlepoint COR router
  • Instant secure connectivity using cellular
  • Low profile antenna designed for vehicular application
  • Technical support and consultancy from Westbase.io to optimise connectivity
  • Easy installation as part of the vehicle’s upgrade or manufacturing process
  • Fast and reliable connectivity in and around the police cars
  • Vehicles now “mobile police stations”, providing access to command and control systems for database checks, as well as access to desktop applications on the road
  • Officers able to spend an extra 2 hours a day in the community
  • Improved crime intelligence and arrest rates
  • Specialist technologies deployed
  • 180 police vehicles equipped to date

“There is no doubt that we are seeing the business and community benefits of these devices. They improve our access to information, which improves our crime intelligence and arrest rates. They also make our officers more visible by enabling them to be in the community for more of the time.

The Toughpad and related technology are enabling us to help the community and prevent and detect crime in ways that have never been possible before.”

– Detective Chief Inspector Damien Kennedy, the project manager for mobile data.

Download the Full Case Study

Download the full case study now to find out how Westbase.io and our partners enabled Hertfordshire Constabulary to get connected on the road.