Extended Reality (XR) in Defence

Extended Reality (XR) in Defence

Westbase XR provides a range of Extended Reality (XR) solutions for use in the defence sector, including hardware, software and services.

Advances in Extended Reality (XR) and other enabling technologies, such as 5G and edge computing, have expanded the number of potential applications for defence organisations – marking XR as one of the critical technology areas in this sector.

Providing a more agile solution, XR can help defence organisations to improve their communication, education and operations.

Westbase XR supports you, our partner, and your defence customers through design, build and management – delivering an end-to-end approach and blueprint for a successful deployment.

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Extended Reality (XR) in defence can support...

Traditional military training can be expensive, time-consuming and often limited due to environment. XR technologies can provide a new, hands-on approach to training though, while keeping risk and costs down.

XR can create immersive, life-like experiences for trainees to learn new skills such as bomb disposal, situational awareness in different operational environments, or even flying aircraft and operating other water or ground transport vehicles. It can also enable remote collaboration to teach strategic planning skills for tactical missions.

Maintaining expensive military equipment and systems before and during operations is vital to operational readiness and the mission, but it can be difficult. If something goes wrong during combat, getting the right expert into the field can be challenging and creates risk to the operation.

With Extended Reality though, experts can connect with in-situ military field personnel remotely. Able to see and hear what is happening in the field, the expert or specialist can then guide the field personnel through the fix. This not only saves time, but also reduces costs and operational risk.

Situational awareness is critical to success, and XR can improve this by providing a two-way video communication. Field personnel can provide a real-time feed of what they see and hear, allowing remote support to feed them appropriate information and guide them for faster, smarter decision making.

Similarly live feeds can enable military personnel to more easily track forces, especially where GNSS isn’t available, making it easier to coordinate operations.

Effective medical support is essential in combat zones, and Extended Reality can help Doctors, Medical Technicians and Nurses to access remote specialists. Able to share a live feed of their patient in the field, the Practitioner can be guided through unfamiliar procedures to accelerate and improve patient care.

Similarly, XR can be leveraged to improve medical training – enabling new procedures and patient care information to be disseminated quickly with live demonstrations or video recordings and documentation.

Why Westbase XR?

Westbase XR has over thirty years’ experience supporting distributed enterprise – XR may be a new technology but supporting frontline and remote workers is not new to us. Westbase XR gives you access to:

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