Working in Challenging Environments Industry Insights

Working in Challenging Environments Industry Insights


To ensure the continuity and efficiency of vital services and processes in industries with challenging environments, digital transformation efforts are becoming increasingly important. Read on to find out how you could tap into these opportunities across Oil and Gas, Utilities, Vehicles, Manufacturing, Defence, Mining, Marine, and more.

Identifying challenging environment opportunities with

The use cases for connected technology in challenging environments are highly diverse. New technologies, such as Extended Reality, are helping organisations to improve safety, reduce downtime, increase productivity, and save on costs. Key to enabling this is reliable, secure and flexible connectivity – providing the backbone of Industry 4.0 progress.

In challenging and unpredictable environments like oil fields, vehicles, and industrial settings though, technologies are subject to additional demands and requirements. Understanding these, along with the drivers and use cases for adoption, can accelerate your opportunities. Browse our range of assets below to help.

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Challenging environments: a buyer's guide

There are a wide range of rugged connectivity and Extended Reality solutions available, designed to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, vibration, and other factors that could affect the performance and durability of conventional devices. But which one is the right fit for your project? Check out our buyer’s guide to discover:

  • Digital transformation drivers by industry
  • Key use cases and opportunities that you could tap into
  • Industry requirements and certifications to be aware of

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How technology is changing working at height

Working in Challenging Environments: Working at Height

Working at height is an essential requirement in many industries such as construction and utilities, and presents a number of unique challenges for workers. In this article we’ll explore how technological advancements are revolutionising the way we can work at height though, making it safer and more efficient than ever before.  

Transforming the oil and gas sector with an Extended Reality- and 5G-enabled workforce

Male worker inspection at the exchanger of tank oil refinery pipeline plant steam vessel and column tank oil of Petrochemistry

Worker safety is the paramount concern in the oil and gas industry. Complex environments like oil rigs and refineries require solutions that ensure the well-being of employees, while still enhancing operational efficiency. In this article, we will delve into how the adoption of new technology has provided game-changing advancements for these objectives. 

Partner support and services

Browse our partner toolkit to see what support and services could help accelerate your opportunities in challenging environments. From technical sales support to specify the right solutions, through to break fix services to ensure critical technologies are fully supported, we make it easy to add new capabilities that complement your own. Choose what you need, leave what you don’t – we work as a true extension of your team.

Proven where it matters

For industries with challenging environments, today’s operations must evolve to shape a more sustainable tomorrow. Our future-primed, connected technology helps you join the dots for your customers, and work smarter, faster, and more sustainably across oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, and more.

Contact us to request a workshop with your account manager to discuss your challenging environment opportunities and objectives, or read on below to discover how some industries are turning to technology to realise their ambitions.

Key industry opportunities

Key industry issues such as improving safety, avoiding downtime, accelerating knowledge transfer, and reducing carbon footprint, are the biggest drivers behind digital transformation in oil and gas. Key opportunities for partners include deploying Extended Reality smart glasses to frontline workers to support use cases such as remote assistance and digital workflows. Additionally private 5G is in growing demand, providing an efficient method to connect large areas, such as rigs, with high performance connectivity. Public cellular networks have also been a long-term go-to for connecting onshore pipelines for remote monitoring and management programmes.

Manufacturing and industrial environments are heavily focused on predictive maintenance and knowledge sharing programmes to address their key drivers of reduced downtime and increased productivity. Connecting assets to collate and share data about machines in real-time underpins this, meaning flexible, scalable connectivity is essential. Additionally, to support knowledge sharing, and ensure adherence to standard operating processes, smart glasses can provide frontline workers with access to the data they need when they need it, while keeping their hands free.

Delivering reliable and secure WiFi for field teams to connect to the Internet and centralised systems is still the single biggest driver for in-vehicle connectivity. partners can also help their customers to connect many other vehicle technologies though, supporting various industries such as utilities, roadside assistance, emergency services, and field services. From in-vehicle CCTV and asset tracking, to specialised technologies such as ANPR, the potential for 4G/5G solutions are increasing as organisations look for new ways to improve the security and efficiency of their field-based teams. Extended Reality can also support field teams who need to keep their heads up and hands free, while accessing the data they need.

Defence organisations are increasingly adopting connected technologies to improve operations in remote locations and advance their training programmes. For example, wireless connectivity such as 4G/5G is ideal for connecting remote bases or temporary locations where fixed line isn’t readily available. Extended Reality solutions such as smart glasses meanwhile can improve communication, education, and operations; from remote assistance to deliver live-saving telemedicine in the field, to providing training programme support for new recruits.

Mining is a dangerous and complex industry that needs reliable and efficient communications. The use of smart glasses is growing, providing hands-free assistance, remote expert guidance, and situational awareness for miners, allowing them to improve their safety and productivity. The deployment of wireless networks, such as private 5G, meanwhile can help to deliver ubiquitous connectivity across mining sites, modernising their infrastructure and helping to enable real-time data transmission.

Digital transformation is key to more efficient and sustainable operations in the marine industry, and is also contributing meaningfully to revenue growth and improved competitive strategy. For example, cost-effective yet reliable connectivity is critical to supporting workers, sensors and systems so they can operate unhindered. Smart glasses can also help to streamline operations, and reduce the need for excessive onboard personnel, by making it easier to support crew members remotely and equipping them with better access to the data they need., your Networks & XR distributor

From ATEX certified to rugged, IP-rated and military spec compliant devices, offer a wide range of solutions which guarantee a level of durability and protection to address the requirements of challenging environments. We take the time to understand the context as well as the complex, so our product experts can offer the advice you need to support your customers.

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