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What is Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence?

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What is Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence

This week Cradlepoint announced their first integration with Ericsson as part of their new Cellular Intelligence initiative. In this article we share information on this new SIM management integration and explore what Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence is.

Introducing the Cradlepoint R920

Extending the Cradlepoint R Series family, the new R920 is a fully ruggedised LTE solution which is highly versatile and ideal for a wide range of use cases. It also supports the RX20 managed accessory that allows the addition of a 5G modular modem for increased performance and multiple network support, broadening the potential use cases even further.

What is Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence?

Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence is a collection of software-based features designed to deliver best-in-class cellular performance and reliability at scale, while enabling IT teams to easily view and manage their deployments.

Cellular Intelligence is built into every layer of Cradlepoint’s 4G and 5G wireless WAN solutions, and includes the following:

High-Quality Connections

Cradlepoint’s advanced knowledge of operator networks, and commitment to overshooting their requirements, means their software-driven modems can automatically connect to networks faster, and hold their connections for longer.

NetCloud Insights

With multi-layered dashboards, in-depth cellular health reporting and live updates on signal strength, Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform provides complete lifecycle management for Wireless WANs through a single pane of glass. NetCloud is also built to be user friendly, so while it enables IT teams to dig into details it also provides intuitive data representations so that specialist cellular knowledge isn’t a requirement.

Traffic Optimisation

Cradlepoint’s traffic optimisation ensures a high quality of experience. It includes application-aware traffic steering and failover control, allowing policies to be based on real-time WAN conditions.

Management Plane

Cradlepoint’s lightweight and secure management protocol is optimised for cellular connections. It allows in-depth diagnostics, alerting and logging via NetCloud without impacting on data plans. In fact, is it 10x more efficient than traditional protocols.

SIM Management

The new addition to Cradlepoint’s Cellular Intelligence line-up, SIM Management is a new integration with Ericsson’s IToA platform. It links SIM, data plan and router visibility and control together for faster time to service, enhanced troubleshooting, and more accurate cost containment and management. In addition to the new Ericsson IToA integration, Cradlepoint is also introducing integrations with other SIM management aggregators for broader visibility. SIM Management is expected to be available from June 2022 – exact GA date to be confirmed.

Why is Cellular Intelligence important?

Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence means offering best-in-class Wireless WAN solutions which answer the demand for:

·      Fast, predictable, and reliable connectivity, even in complex RF environments

·      Scalability without added complexity

·      Operational efficiency, with a single pane of glass for the entire deployment

Put simply, Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence provides IT teams with the tools they need to manage the demands of cellular and enterprise. It simplifies adoption, and enables enterprises to easily connect people, places, and things from anywhere., your leading Cradlepoint distributor. is the most experienced Cradlepoint distributor in the UK and Europe, having deployed 10s of 1000s of solutions. We offer a broad range of partner services to support your deployments and will work with you to realise your Cradlepoint ambitions.

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