Panorama VCD | Covert Dipole Antenna

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The Panorama VCD range is a covert dipole antenna which can be mounted to any plastic surface such as a vehicle bumper (fender) and is ideal for covert applications. The antenna is designed to be tuned on the vehicle or in the installation location. Two antennas can be used on a vehicle together with an HPDPD power divider to achieve more omni-directional coverage.

 380-430 5m FME

Antenna Connectors FME (f)
Cable Length 5m
Mounting Options Covert bumper mounting
Antenna Gain 380 – 430MHz | 2dBi
Operating Temperature -40°/ +80°C (-40.0°/ +176.0°F)
Dimensions (mm) 38 x 52.5 x 12
WiFi Enabled No
Device Applications Vehicle Environment