Introducing RealWear Cloud

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Introducing RealWear Cloud

RealWear recently announced RealWear Cloud, a new SaaS platform that empowers IT Administrators to enhance and streamline control of their RealWear device fleet. Shifting RealWear from a hardware-centric to a platform-centric business, the launch of RealWear Cloud is a major step towards RealWear’s promise of “assisted intelligence”.

Providing a multi-propose software for IT and business operations, RealWear Cloud provides a new dashboard enabling remote teams to securely control RealWear devices:

·      Streamline updates and deployments with over-the-air updates, remote monitoring of deployment status, reduced need for on-site support, and the ability to manage device software at a company, group or single device level.

·      Analyse and utilise device data with access to device and app usage information, plus integrate and aggregate this with outside platforms.

·      Provide real-time technical support to reduce downtime with remote troubleshooting, simplifying how users can access help when and where they need it regardless of their location.

Selling RealWear Cloud

Extending the Cradlepoint R Series family, the new R920 is a fully ruggedised LTE solution which is highly versatile and ideal for a wide range of use cases. It also supports the RX20 managed accessory that allows the addition of a 5G modular modem for increased performance and multiple network support, broadening the potential use cases even further.

Use cases

A great tool for end users, or partners who provide device management, RealWear partners will no doubt be eager to start incorporating RealWear Cloud into their opportunities. Here’s how it’s structured:

Every RealWear Cloud deployment starts with the workspace, available in Basic or Pro tiers. The workspace is the online dashboard which pulls device information and management into a single pane of glass.

Every end user customer gets access to a “Basic” workspace as standard. Similar to Foresight, the Basic workspace enables IT and Operations to gain access to apps, to manage devices, and to see limited information / analytics about the fleet. If a customer is already using Foresight then they will automatically be converted to a Basic workspace.

“Pro” workspace is available via an additional annual license (available in 12, 24 and 36 month terms), providing a comprehensive solution and tools to enrich the RealWear device experience. Users can remotely manage and control their deployments, get enhanced data about how devices and apps are being used, and troubleshoot devices remotely. Customers can try out Pro with a 60-day free trial.

Check out the handy table below to see the differences between Basic and Pro workspaces:


RWC Comparison 1000px


To add devices to the workspace customers will also need device control licenses (DCLs). A benefit of Pro workspace is that is comes with 10 DCLs included. A DCL is needed per RealWear device in the fleet. If a customer has more than 10 devices, then they can purchase additional DCLs which are available in 12, 24 and 36 month terms. For over 100 DCLs pricing is available from RealWear.

As an example, a customer with 40 RealWear devices who wanted the Pro workspace would need to purchase:

·      1x Pro workspace for their chosen term (including 10 DCLs)

·      30x DCLs for their chosen term

Find out more

To find our more about this exciting RealWear release, check out the following resources:

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·      RealWear partner portal for access to FAQs, training and more assets, your RealWear distributor. is the leading RealWear distributor in the UK and EU, so contact our team of XR experts today to place your RealWear order using the following details, or simply hit the button below to complete our contact form:, +44 (0) 1291 437 567, +31 (0) 35 799 2290.