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Cradlepoint R1900 ESN-Certified

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Cradlepoint R1900 ESN-Certified

The Cradlepoint R1900 router, complete with NetCloud Solution Package, has been certified for use on the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

Ideal for mission-critical communications, the R1900 delivers 5G and LTE connectivity for use in the field. It can be deployed as a rapid site network or installed into a vehicle to deliver reliable, secure and flexible connectivity for emergency service teams wherever and whenever they need it.

Featuring dual SIM card connectivity, the R1900 can also run a secondary, commercial network alongside its primary ESN connection – providing a back-up service in areas where ESN may not be available. is the leading Cradlepoint distributor in the UK and Europe, and has deployed 1000s of connectivity solutions to the UK’s emergency services with its partner network – making us one of the most experienced providers in this sector.

More about ESN

The ESN will replace the current emergency services communication network in the UK, and is expected to serve 300,000 frontline emergency service users, connecting up to 45,000 vehicles.

Cradlepoint is only the second provider to gain accreditation on the network, and its Netcloud Service with Cellular Intelligence enables even the smallest of IT teams to easily remote manage routers, networks and cellular data usage.

“By achieving the highest level of certification available on the ESN, combined with the straightforward deployment and management of our routers, we can now ensure that these vital workers have access to the most crucial information and insights to do their jobs, no matter where they are in the country,” said Mark Page, Account Director of Public Sector for Cradlepoint., your ESN distribution partner.

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