Ubiquiti Network Video Recorder Professional

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Ubiquiti\\\'s Network Video Recorder Pro (UNVR-Pro) is a business-grade network video recorder that provides data redundancy and long-term storage capabilities (up to 60 days of storage for 20 4K cameras or 60 1080p cameras).

The UNVR Pro comes pre-installed with the UniFi Protect application and has a 7-drive hard disk drive (HDD) bay that offers the greatest storage capacity of any UniFi OS Console. The powerful, easy-to-use UNVR Pro can be deployed in minutes and support systems with up to 60 cameras. Combining the best features of Cloud and onsite surveillance systems, UniFi Protect gives you centralized, local, low-latency access to all of your live camera feeds and recordings, as well as remote access from anywhere in the world via unifi.ui.com and the Protect mobile app.

The UNVR Pro also offers expanded RAID configuration options for enhanced data protection, applying either RAID 1, 5, or 10 based on the number of HDDs installed. It\\\'s also equipped with a 1.3\\\" touchscreen display, which will offer concise, convenient video event previewing in a later firmware release.

Not all HDDs are compatible with Ubiquiti\\\'s UNVR-PRO. Before buying your hard drive, please ensure that it adheres to the size of the bay you are installing it in and that the model of hard drive does not appear on Ubiquiti\\\'s list of incompatible HDDs.

Signal Chains2x2
Chain TypeMIMO
Antenna TypeSector
Gain18.6 dBi
PolarisationDual Linear
Polarisation DirectionsVertical
Polarisation DirectionsHorizontal
Beamwidth Horizontal123 °
Beamwidth Vertical4 °
Beamwidth Horizontal 2123 °
Beamwidth Vertical 24 °
Cross Polarisation>28 dB
Impedance50 Ω
Electrical Down Tilt2 °
ConnectorSMA RP Jack
Connector 2SMA RP Jack
Frequency Min 25150 MHz
Frequency Max 25850 MHz
Dimensions700 mm
Dimensions135 mm
Dimensions73 mm
Weight5900 g
Wind Survial201 Km‾h
Wind Loading26N @ 201km/h N @ Km‾h
ETSIEN 302 326 DN2
Ref #656
DescriptionUbiquiti AirMax Dual Pol 5G19-120 19 dBi 120° sector
Manufacturer URLLink