MikroTik LtAP Mini LTE Cellular Access Point

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MikroTiks LtAP mini is a small waterproof wireless access point with integrated LTE antennas (with two u.fl pigtails) and a miniPCI-e slot for an LTE modem (not included).

The LtAP mini has one 10/100 Ethernet LAN port for wired devices and an RS232 serial port for console access for debugging. The unit has several powering options: 9-30 V PoE-in by Ethernet port, DC jack and microUSB.

MikroTiks LtAP mini has a special enclosure with a wall mounting kit, two SIM slots to alternate between cellular providers, and integrated GPS support, making this a perfect device for use in moving vehicles like cars, buses or trains. Use the built-in GPS module to track the location of your vehicle in real time, we have even provided a simple tracking application example in the RouterOS documentation, to help you start development of your platform.

An LTE modem is not included with this device.