Digi CORE plug-In LTE modem

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SKU: 1002-CMG4-GLB

Stay connected with Digi CORE® plug-in LTE modems for LTE, LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro connectivity across major cellular networks. The modular design integrates with a range of Digi high-performance routers and infrastructure devices, including Digi EX15, Digi IX20, Digi 6310-DX, Digi 6330-MX, Digi 6350-SR, Digi Connect® IT 4 and Digi AnywhereUSB® Plus. 

With the Digi CORE plug-in modems, enabled Digi devices can connect to mobile networks using the LTE standard that best suits each use case. Larger locations or data-intensive applications can utilise LTE-Advanced Cat 6, 7, 11 and LTE Advanced Pro Cat 18 versions of the Digi CORE plug-in modem to take advantage of faster speeds and carrier aggregation.

ModemCAT 4 LTE, 3G, 2G
SIM Slots2x SIM slots
Operating Temperature-40° C to 70° C
Antenna Connectors2x Cellular
Dimensions (mm)102 x 51 x 15