Ubiquiti Ultra 42W AC Adapter

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SKU: USW-Ultra

The Ubiquiti Ultra 42W presents a compact Layer 2 switch solution with 8 GbE ports, including 7 GbE PoE+ output ports and 1 GbE PoE++ input port. With versatile mounting options, it delivers up to 42W of PoE power when utilizing the PoE++ input or 16W with PoE+ input. While switch operation is feasible with PoE input alone, PoE+/PoE++ input or AC power is necessary for PoE output functionality.

Networking interface (8) GbE RJ45 ports
PoE interface (7) PoE/PoE+ (Pins 1, 2+, 3, 6-)
Total non-blocking throughput 8 Gbps
Switching capacity 16 Gbps
Power method (1) 54V, 3.9A power adapter (Not included), (1) 54V, 1.1A power adapter (Not included), PoE++ (Pins 1, 2+, 3, 6- and 4, 5+, 7, 8-)
Supported voltage range 44—57V DC
Max. power consumption 9W with PoE input (Excluding PoE output), 8W with AC adapter input (Excluding PoE output)
Total available PoE PoE++ input: 42W, PoE+ input: 16W, 60W PoE adapter input: 42W, 60W AC adapter input: 52W, 210W AC adapter input: 202W*
Max. PoE+ wattage per port by PSE 30W