Convert Your Cradlepoint Sales into Adventures

Convert Your Cradlepoint Sales into Adventures


Don't miss the chance to turn your Cradlepoint sales efforts into unforgettable travel experiences! From 1st June to 31st August 2024, you could win up to £250 in Airbnb vouchers simply by registering net new Cradlepoint deals.

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Right now, for a limited time only, Cradlepoint partners that submit a deal registration will receive a 10% discount instead of 5%. To celebrate this, is offering this exclusive partner incentive. All you have to do is register your deals as normal with Cradlepoint and, once approved, submit your references to via the below form for your chance to win.

Read on for full details and terms. Be sure to scroll to the bottom also, to learn how you can double your incentives with Cradlepoint’s exciting new logo promotion!

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What's on the itinerary?

Be one of the first 16 partner sales reps to register ONE net-new Cradlepoint deal and win a £50 Airbnb voucher.

Be one of the first eight partner sales reps to register THREE net-new Cradlepoint deals and win a £200 Airbnb voucher.

Each sales rep can win both the Business and First Class prizes...

Each individual has the potential to win up to £250 in Airbnb vouchers total, but you can only claim a prize from each Class once. So don’t delay, get your deals registered and approved, then submit your information to to make sure you’re in with the chance to win! Prizes are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

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Boost your sales with pre-built campaigns-in-a-box

To help accelerate your deal registration opportunities, we’re sharing pre-built campaigns in a box.

These ready-to-use marketing assets from Cradlepoint’s Cascade portal can be easily shared by sales reps directly via email and social, or distributed by your marketing team for even wider reach. Each pack includes assets, images, email and social media templates, so you can get started on your outreach faster and register new deals sooner:

  1. Intro to Cradlepoint
  2. Failover
  3. In-vehicle
  4. IoT
  5. Retail

Double up with Cradlepoint's new logo incentive

In addition to’s exclusive partner incentive, you can also boost your company’s progress with Cradlepoint’s new logo incentive!

On top of winning vouchers to start your travel adventure, by registering a deal and closing new customer business you could earn a $2,000 rebate for your company for each new logo.

New logo criteria: Customers that have not booked more than $25,000 in a single quarter since fiscal year 2020. 

See full details and eligibility requirements in the latest Cradlepoint partner newsletter (you will need to be logged in to Cascade to access this link).

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Incentive terms

  1. This incentive is exclusively available through
  2. Valid for net-new deals only; this incentive does not apply to existing deal registrations that have been extended.
  3. Standard deal registration criteria must be met as per Cradlepoint’s requirements, and only approved deals can be submitted to win.
  4. Applies only to registrations submitted between June 1st and August 31st 2024.
  5. Available only to partners. 
  1. You can only win one prize per class, i.e. 1x Business and 1x First Class.
  2. Deal registration information submitted to will be verified to ensure it is correct and meets these terms.
  3. This incentive in no way affects or changes Cradlepoint’s deal registration programme, terms, or other promotions, which are run directly by Cradlepoint. The incentive is a separate promotion run by
  4. It is the responsibility of the person submitting their incentive claim to seek permission from their organisation to do so. accepts no responsibility for this.

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